Thursday, December 12, 2013

This Year’s Christmas Tree: “Until All The Pieces Fit”

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Every year, we attend the opening auction night of Festival Of Trees, and purchase a tree to display in our office. This year’s tree, “Until All The Pieces Fit”, is now on display! Stop by our office during regular business hours and check out the amazing time and details put into it by those that decorated and donated it.

2013-12-09 15.29.53The theme of this tree is puzzles, which is to raise awareness for autism. It was donated and decorated by the Holbrook and Johnston families, in honor of two year old Devin. “My autism does not define me. I define autism. I am Devin!”

These cute little boy was diagnosed early with autism, and due to the early intervention program and therapists at Primary Children’s Hospital, he is thriving.

1 out of 47 children in Utah are diagnosed with autism. Chances are, most of us have somebody in our family or know of somebody with autism. This is why this tree jumped out at us at the Festival, and moved us to purchase it for display this year.

ResizedImage_1386640742293Inscription on the back of the drawing to the right:
My two-year old son was the inspiration and model for this drawing. At this age, he was just beginning to learn about himself and what the world has to offer. I believe that this self-exploration and development continues throughout our lives in our quest to make ourselves whole. When we keep our minds open to new experiences, we are continually “putting it together”.



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