Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Keeping Tires Properly Inflated

A properly inflated tire will roll better than one that is not properly inflated.
Imagine the effect this has on your vehicle as you drive down the road.
Watch a short video below demonstrating this.
You've probably heard more than once that keeping your tires properly inflated can help prevent blowouts, increase the life of your tire, and increase your gas mileage.

HOW does keeping your tires properly inflated help with all of this?!
  • When tires are inflated properly they are easier to roll and have less drag. When they are low on air the excessive drag causes heat. The heat and not having even weight distribution across the tread causes the tires to wear out faster than they should, and could cause the interior construction of the tire to come apart, which is known as a blowout.
  • When the tire is low on pressure and becomes hard to roll it makes the engine work harder which burns more fuel than it should. 
  • When a tire is low on pressure, it does not wear evenly on all sides, which decreases the life of your tire. 
  • Watch the short demonstration in the video below on the difference between a properly inflated tire and a tire that is not properly inflated.

How do I know how much air my tire needs?
Many people will tell you to look on the inside of your driver's side door, but we always tell our customers to look directly on the tire. You will see a marking around the inside that says "Max Press." for maximum pressure. Watch a short video below on how to check your tire pressure.

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