Friday, February 17, 2012

What Kind Of Gas Should I Use?

This is perhaps one of the biggest questions car drivers wonder about. When you go to fill up at the pump, what is the difference in the octane numbers besides the price? Is cheapest really the best?

When you pull up to the pump, the first thing you notice, after the price, are the numbers 91, 88, and 85. Is it okay to just go ahead and get the 85 because it's cheapest?

Here is how you can tell what octane level of fuel you should put into your vehicle:
  • Find the owners' manual for your vehicle. If you don't know where you owners' manual is, you can usually google it and find it online.
  • Turn to the index and find the section on fuel.
  • Turn to the correct section and page. This will tell you what octane gas you should be using. Using anything lower than what is recommended for your vehicle can damage your engine. Every vehicle is different, so make sure you look in your owners' manual and use the recommended fuel for your vehicle.

Your owners' manual was written for your specific vehicle, so following its instructions is always your best option when you have any questions about what type of gasoline to put in it. 

What do the octane numbers mean? 
The higher the octane level, the slower and more complete it burns, leaving less deposit in the engine. 

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