Thursday, October 13, 2011

What Is ASE Certified?

You've seen the emblem on our uniforms and in our shop, but what exactly IS ASE Certified, and what is the difference between a regular automobile technician, and those that are ASE Certified?

ASE Certified means that:

  • The automobile technicians has at least two years of experience
  • The automobile technician has passed a series of tests to become ASE Certified
    • The exams are grouped into specialties such as automobile, medium/heavy truck, truck equipment, school bus, collision repair, and more.The exams stress knowledge of job-related skills. The tests are no cinch to pass; in fact, usually only two out of every three test-takers pass on their first attempt. After passing at least one exam and providing proof of two years of relevant work experience, the test-taker becomes ASE certified.
  • To remain certified, ASE-certified professionals must be retested every five years
Because the auto industry is always expanding and new technology is always coming out, we require that our technicians become and stay ASE Certified while employed at Gines Auto Service. This is something that we do not take lightly. Being ASE Certified is important for us to make sure that our customers receive the best service they can get. 


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