Monday, October 10, 2011


This week, we are getting to know Chad! Come in the shop, say hi to Chad, and mention you read his spotlight, and you will receive $5 off your total bill; this week only!

You will find Chad upon entering our shop. He is one of our service advisors. His many years of working under the hood in the shop, and his ASE Certification and continued education is a great benefit to customers calling or coming in with questions about their vehicles. A few customers are known to referring to Chad as "The Car Whisperer". Whenever they call in with questions, he seems to know exactly what they are talking about when describing a noise, and what to do.

Chad started working at Gines Auto Service when he was twelve years old. He started out dumping garbages  and cleaning up the floors after school. He is the son of Mark Gines, owner of Gines Auto Service, and is excited to take the business into its third generation.

As a young boy, he always enjoyed helping his dad work on anything that had an engine. Some of his earliest memories was helping him work on an old green lawn mower they had, and sitting at his work bench setting the gap on spark plugs as he tuned engines up. "Before I was old enough to even go to school, it always made my day when I could come to the shop with my mom to bring my dad his lunch. On those trips I got to see my dad, my grandpa, and my uncles Gary and Ray. I always made sure to jump on the hose that rang the bell for the gas pumps," Chad recalls.

When Chad was fifteen, his dad helped him find a Camaro and build an engine to put in it. They got the engine from a wrecking yard and rebuilt it in their garage at home. Chad drove that car for many years and still owns it today. Chad says, "I was very lucky to have that opportunity, and it was pretty cool having a fast car at age sixteen."

Chad learned his business sense at a young age: "As a kid my dad showed me how to patch the tires on my bike and do general repairs on it. I took advantage of that and charged all my friends to fix their bikes up and that gave me enough money to buy the occasional candy bar at the corner store."

Some of the things Chad enjoys while not at work are hunting, fishing, riding horses with his parents, camping, playing with his gas powered remote control cars, and watching movies.

Remember, come in this week, say hello to Chad, and receive $5 off your total bill!


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