Wednesday, October 26, 2011


With winter coming on, a properly maintained vehicle should have no issues with the change of weather. If you have not had your car maintained properly, there are some things you will need to check before Winter is here in full force. Join us over the next few weeks as we discuss these important vehicle checks.

Get ready for winter by making sure you have good
windshield wipers
Getting Ready For Winter: Check your windshield wipers!

There is nothing worse than driving in a snowstorm and having your windshield wipers leave streaks across your window. It is best to have them checked before you are going to need them, so that when you do need them in a wintery snow storm, they are there for you.

We get asked all the time: Is it worth it to buy the expensive wipers? What is the difference between the cheap wipers and the more expensive ones? This is one of those cases where "you get what you pay for". We used to only carry the cheaper wipers, but after customers coming back frequently to have them replaced, we decided to try out the more expensive ones. Once you buy a good pair of wipers, you will never go back to the old cheap ones. The more expensive ones last longer, are sturdier, and are more reliable when you need them during a snowy winter storm.

A word about your wiper motor, and making it last:

How many of you go outside on a cold winter morning, are running late, and instead of scraping off your windshield, you turn on your windshield wipers? This is one of those things NOT to do if you want to avoid costly repairs. Turning on your wipers instead of scraping off your windshield will ruin your wiper motor. It is such a small task to do to avoid having to pay us a lot of money to repair something that shouldn't have broke in the first place. 

Another tip is to make sure when you turn your car off, make sure your wipers are also turned off. If you leave them on, the first thing that's going to happen when you start your car is that they are going to start wiping. If you have a heavy distribution of snow on your windshield, this can ruin your motor!

If you ever have any questions on wipers, or want us to show you the difference between the quality of wipers, stop by our shop any time! We are always glad to go over it with you. We can also discuss what kind of wipers would be best for your specific vehicle and driving conditions. 


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