Friday, October 7, 2011

FRIDAY FREEBIE: Maintenance Schedule

We are always happy to go over your maintenance schedule
with you as a free service!
We have said many times, and can never say it enough, that proper maintenance is the best thing you can do for your vehicle. If you properly care for your vehicle by performing regularly scheduled maintenance, you can eliminate approximately 50% of repairs and breakdowns!

As a free service to you, we keep track of your maintenance schedule for you, and let you know what service is due, and when it was last done. We can also send you out email reminders that you have a scheduled maintenance coming up. You always have the choice to perform these maintenance tasks or not, but at least you will know what is due and when.

Because we know that your car is a big investment and you want to get as many miles as you can out of it, we are happy to offer this maintenance schedule as a free service to you! If you ever have any questions on your maintenance schedule, just ask; we are always happy to help!


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