Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall Leaves In Utah: Our Suggestions

Fall is in full force here in Utah, and we have some of the most beautiful canyons and mountains for viewing the Fall leaves. Below are places that we recommend. The directions on the map are directions from our shop in Kearns.

Butterfield Canyon and Middle Canyon
Mark and Paul highly recommend Butterfield Canyon. Take SR 111 (Bacchus Highway) southbound until you reach where the road turn eastbound. This is where you will turn Right to go up Butterfield Canyon. Zoom out on the map below, and you can also see that this canyon goes over the top of the mountain, into Middle Canyon, and out to Tooele, which is also a favorite spot that Mark recommends.

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Mirror Lake Scenic Byway
Scott recommends the view of the Fall leaves on Mirror Lake Scenic Byway. State Road 150 runs along this beautiful route.

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Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons
Scott and Paul highly recommend these canyons for viewing the Fall leaves. Little Cottonwood Canyon is the home of Alta and Snowbird, while Big Cottonwood Canyon has Brighton and Solitude.


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The Alpine Loop
Gary, Preston, and Chad all recommend the Alpine Loop
Alpine Loop is a beautiful spot for viewing the Fall leaves. Make sure to stop at Cascade Springs on the way!

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