Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday FREEBIE: Education

Today starts our new series of Friday FREEBIES! Everybody loves and appreciates FREE, so every Friday we will tell you about something FREE that you can get at our shop! That's right, absolutely FREE services!

Today's Friday FREEBIE is Education. Any time you come on our shop, we are happy to educate you on how to tell the quality of your tires, why you need to keep up on maintenance, what the difference is in quality parts and cheaper parts, why we are telling you a certain part needs to be replaced.....anything YOU want to know about, please ask!

We feel that one of the most valuable services we can provide to the community and to our customers is educating them about their vehicle. Because "Knowledge Is Power", the more knowledge you gain, the more power you can have in making educated decisions when it comes to your vehicle repairs.

If you are purchasing a new or used vehicle, please please please stop by and have us look under the hood before you buy it, and maybe even take it for a quick test drive. This can save you a lot of valuable money. Purchasing a vehicle is a big investment, and we want that investment to be worth your money! As long as we don't have to occupy one of our bays to take a look at your vehicle, or spend an extensive amount of time on it, we are always glad to check it over for free. There was recently a KSL news story about a man who bought tires that "looked new" from the KSL classifieds, only to find out they were 16 years old. There is no reason this should have happened; the year the tires are made is right there in plain site! Come in and let us educate you on what you are buying, how to tell  how old the tires are, etc.!

Also, don't forget about our FREE Women's Auto Care Workshops, held every 6 months. They are open and free to any women in the community, but space is limited to 25 participants each session. Our next one is tentatively scheduled for January 2012. Make sure your are subscribed to our blog and connected with us on Twitter and/or Facebook!

Disclaimer: We will not be teaching you how to change your own oil, repair your own vehicle, stuff like that. Anything that requires taking a class to learn is not included in the free education service we provide.


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