Friday, July 1, 2011

FRIDAY TIDBIT: Insulated Thermal Coolant Jug From Hybrid Car

Insulated (thermal) coolant jug on a hybrid car
(Toyota Prius)

The insulated or thermal coolant jug in the Toyota Prius is used to capture hot coolant from the engine.

After the engine is shut off the thermal coolant jug keeps the heat in some of the coolant. When the engine is restarted the hot coolant in the jug is pumped into the engine to bring it to normal operating temperature.

With the engine being brought instantly to normal operating temperature it uses less gas and is much more efficient. Cold engines burn much more gas than an engine that is at operating temperature.

This was our WHAT IS IT?! picture posted on our Facebook page yesterday, and we got some really fun and interesting guesses. Here are some  of the guesses that people thought this vehicle part was:
  • coffee maker
  • what Chad uses to make coffee while hunting
  • R2D2's cousin
  • homemade stove for hobos
  • messed up fuel filter that somebody made themself
  • fuel vapor canister
  • fuel charcoal canister
  • housing for filter cartridge
  • alternator
Good guesses! Remember, we randomly give out prizes for those that guess on our facebook page frequently, so even if you don't know what it is, take a guess! We need to be amused, especially on a Thursday when it's been a long week! :)

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