Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Road Trip Tips

With Memorial Day coming up, make sure you are ready for that road trip you've been waiting to take!

Drive with caution, and with these driving tips from ACDelco, you can increase your chances of a safe trip.

Nothing can ruin a vacation more than car problems, and by following these few simple steps, you can avoid some major issues along the way:
  • Bring your vehicle to us to do a quick check over of the belts, hoses, brakes, lights, engine oil, and coolant. 
  • Check your tire pressure. 
  • Make sure your trunk has a jack, lug wrench, and other tools needed to change a tire. Make sure your spare tire is properly inflated and not flat!
  • Check tire pressure of all tires, including the spare
  • Check your windshield wiper fluid and windshield wiper blades. 
  • Make sure you have a working flashlight with extra batteries, emergency reflectors, sunglasses and a first aid-kit. ACDelco has a great list of what items to keep in your vehicle at all time. 
  • Take your driver's license, vehicle registration and auto and medical insurance cards
  • Carry a spare set of vehicle keys. Nothing is worse than locking your keys in your vehicle far from home! Keep the spare set of keys on a designated person at all times!
  • Plan your route and leave a copy of your itinerary with a relative or neighbor
  • Bring a cellular phone or a sign that tells passersby to “Call Police” in case of trouble
  • Have any repairs or vehicle maintenance performed before the trip—see your vehicle's owner's manual for vehicle maintenance schedules.
  • You can also safe money on gas by increasing your gas mileage with these tips from ACDelco.
  • Good Music: What is a road trip without some good music?! Here is a playlist of Road Trip Songs to keep you going:

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Find more tips like this and more from ACDelco and on our Auto Care Tips page.


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