Friday, May 6, 2011

FRIDAY TIDBIT: Radiator Reserve Tank and Coolant

Radiator Reserve Tank
 The radiator reserve tank is the tank the coolant is in for the radiator.The radiator's purpose is to cool down the anti-freeze coming out of the engine.

Cooling system neglect is a big cause of many vehicle break downs. The cooling system should be checked with every oil change. If the coolant is getting discolored, or if the PH tests at incorrect levels, the system should be flushed. This is another reason why it's a good idea to have a professional change your oil instead of doing it yourself. Many people know how to change their own oil, but they do not know to check many things like the coolant and PH levels.

Coolant should also be flushed at the correct mileage interval. This changes with every vehicle. Some vehicles have regular coolant and should be changed every 30,000 miles, other vehicles have long life coolant that is expected to last 100,000 miles but does not always do that.

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