Friday, May 27, 2011

FRIDAY TIDBIT: Electronic Controlled A/C Compressor For A Hybrid Car

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The A/C compressor is the main unit for the air conditioning system.   It moves the refrigerant through the Air Conditioning (A/C) system to produce the cold air. (The A/C compressor pictured to the left is from a hybrid car. It has been taken apart to show all of the specific parts.)

Gasoline and diesel powered vehicles have a belt driven compressor that takes power off the engine.  On gas/electric hybrid vehicles they use the high voltage battery to turn the A/C compressor to improve fuel mileage and performance.  This compressor pictured is one off a gas/electric hybrid vehicle.  

Sometimes if your A/C compressor is going bad, it can make a strange "growling" noise. It's always best to have these serviced by a professional, and any time you hear any new or strange noise coming from your vehicle, have it checked out as soon as possible. We are always willing to take a quick drive with you to try to pinpoint the problem as soon as possible; stop by or call and we can check it out for you!

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Chad and Mark attended a hybrid and electric car workshop over the weekend, so we will be bringing you more information that they learned in upcoming tips! Stay tuned for that!


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