Friday, March 18, 2011

FRIDAY TIDBIT: Distributor Cap

Distributor Cap
 The distributor cap sits on top of the distributor and spark comes out of the coil, into the coil wire, the coil wire plugs into the top center of the cap. Under the cap there is a rotor that spins. The rotor points at one of the spark plug wires plugged into the outer edge of the cap and that brings the spark to the proper cylinder that needs to be fires at that certain time.

Not all cars have distributor caps because many cars have D.I.S. (distributorless ignition system.) With this system the car has more than one coil and the computer controls which coil to fire and at what time to fire it. The spark plug wires are hooked right to the coil and that eliminates the need for the distributor cap and rotor.

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