Friday, January 14, 2011

FREE Women's Auto Care Workshops: "Knowledge Is Power"

Women's Auto Care Workshops: "Knowledge Is Power"
sponsored by ACDelco


If you are interested in learning about upcoming FREE Women's Auto Care Workshops like this one,
and we will contact you when the next one is scheduled.

You can also subscribe to this blog to stay informed of events like this and more. Workshops are held approximately every 6 months. To ensure the best possible learning environment, workshops are limited to 25 participants, but other dates and nights may be added as needed.

Woman participants from all over the valley attend and learn valuable information to help them gain more power when it comes to taking charge of their auto repair. Participants are able to ask ASE Certified mechanics questions they have about vehicles and receive valuable knowledge, all in a casual and friendly shop environment.

Topics are discussed by answering questions that the participants had, including:
  • Tires:
    • What type of tires do you need for your specific vehicle, and how do you tell by looking at the tire if it's the right type?
    • Quality of tires: What is the difference between A, B, C tires, and how do I tell?
    • How do I tell the age of the tire
  • Brakes:
    • If my brakes are squeaking, does it mean they are worn out and need to be changed? Why or why not?
    • What are the different type of brakes, and what type is right for my vehicle? How can I tell?
  • Money and Budget:
    • What is the best way to avoid costly repairs before they happen?
    • When a light on my dashboard comes on, which problems do I need to have addressed immediately, and which ones are just warnings to check it soon?
  • Vehicle Maintenance:
    • Is there is a difference between a $14.95 oil change, compared to a $29.95 oil change? Aren't all oil changes the same?
    • Filters: Why the cheapest filter isn't necessarily the best, and why
    • Changing Fluids: Do I really need to change my oil every 3,000 miles, and why or why not? What other fluids should I be changing, and how often?
  • Many other topics that the participants signified in their registration that they wanted to discuss.

Participants also receive:
  • A hot, catered meal from a local restaurant
  • A goody bag to take home full of helpful car care information provided by many local vendors (ACDelco, Carquest)
  • A workbook to take home full of helpful information for them to refer to at later dates
  • Raffle Prize drawings at the end of the workshop
What participants are saying about these workshops:
  • "I really enjoyed this seminar. Very informative. Thanks Gines!" - Holly M.
  • "Would like to come back in 3 months. I want to bring my daughters. Thanks! Great class, lots of information". - Penny L.
  • "This was such a great idea. You guys are great. I felt like Mark was really concerned about us learning this info and not just building his business...Please let us know about future events like this!" - Angela M.
  • "This has been wonderful!! Thank you sooo much for taking your night to educate us and teach us so much! Mark, you were a wonderful presenter. Thank you thank you!!"- Catherine B.
  • "It was very helpful and informative!" - Melissa B.
Please share this information with anybody you think may be interested in knowing more; because "knowledge really is power" when it comes to being in charge of your own auto repairs! Copy and paste the button code(s) below onto your own site! (Press Release can be found here.)

Enjoy Utah
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