Friday, December 31, 2010

FRIDAY TIDBIT: Cruise Control Information

Cruise Control Switch
 DO NOT use your cruise control during snowy and rainy conditions:
Did you know it's extremely dangerous to have your cruise control on where there is snow, ice, or rain on the road? If you hit an accumulation of water on the road, without your cruise control on, your vehicle might begin to hydroplane. If your cruise control is on, when the tires lose contact with the pavement, your vehicle will accelerate to a higher rate of speed, and you will take off like an airplane. Click HERE to read more information about that.

How To Use Your Cruise Control:
There are many tricks to using your cruise control that most people do not know about:
  • Setting Your Cruise Control:
    • The button on the very end of the cruise control switch will set your speed. Once you are at the speed you want, tap the very end button on the cruise control switch, and this will set your speed.
  • Disabling Your Cruise Control:
    • If you want to turn off your cruise control, simply push on the brake. This will cancel your cruise control setting. You can also simply switch it off, but then your original setting will be lost and you will not be able to resume back to the speed you were at without resetting it (see next line).
  • Resuming Your Cruise Control:
    • If you have pushed on the brake to disable your cruise control, and want to resume the speed you were going with cruise control on, simply hit resume on your cruise control switch. This is located in the same spot as the on/off switch.
  • Increasing Your Speed Temporarily:
    • Let's say you are driving down the highway with your cruise control set at 65 MPH. You come upon a vehicle in front of you that is going 60 MPH, and you need to pass them. There is no need to reset your cruise control. You can push on the gas, increase your speed to go around them, and then when you let off the gas, your cruise control will resume your original speed. (Notice that this will not work for decreasing your speed. If you push on your brake, it will disable your cruise control.)
  • Increasing Your Speed Permanently:
    • Here is how to increase the speed control setting without stepping on the gas: Notice on your cruise control button the setting that says on/off/resume. If you tap it once towards resume, it will increase your setting 1 MPH higher. If you want to increase the setting by 10 MPH, tap it 10 times, and so on. This will reset your cruise control to a faster speeder.
  • Decreasing Your Speed Setting:
    • If you need to decrease your speed setting, and do not want to disable it by pushing on the brake, you can decrease your speed simply by tapping on the set button once. The set button is located on the very end of your cruise control switch. You will go 1 MPH slower for every time you tap. If you want to go 10 MPH slower, simply tap it 10 times, and so on.
If you need more explanation on these settings and how to use your cruise contorl, feel free to stop by our shop at any time and we will go over these with you.


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