Wednesday, November 10, 2010

History of Gines Service

Mark’s dad, Clyde Gines, started the mechanic business in 1960 at Clyde's Chevron in West Valley City. When Mark graduated from High School, he opened a gas station in Kearns, later to become the current Gines Service. Mark has operated that shop since 1978.

Gines Service was originally Gines 66, but in 1991 when Mark eliminated selling gasoline and got rid of his gasoline pumps, he changed the name to the current Gines Service Inc. Clyde retired in 1991.
Mark gives his appreciation and recognition to the best and most loyal employees he has ever had
in his twenty-nine yrs of business. Gines Service currently employees seven full-time ASE certified auto technicians and five part-time employees. The average amount of time an employee is employed at Gines Service is fifteen years.

Today, Gines Service provides a wide variety of services, from tires to alignment to oil changes. The business specializes in advanced electrical and technical diagnosis. Some of its services include license and registration and emails reminding customers when it's time to service their vehicle. All technicians are ASE certified and receive ongoing monthly training as well as AC Delco Certified and AC Delco training through Weber State University.

Mark says AC Delco has recognized Gines Services as TSS Accounts Technical Service Center - a significant distinction. Mark feels lucky to be a certified AC Delco service center because it requires following quite a few rules and regulations as well as having specific equipment and extensive ongoing training. AC Delco offers a comprehensive U.S.-wide warranty on all of its products, so if the part fails for some reason, they will tow the client's vehicle free of charge.

Mark's son, Chad, is also involved with the business and will likely be leading Gines Service into its third generation of family ownership. Mark plans to continue following the latest automobile technology and offering the same personalized service. His honest technicians thrive on resolving customers' automobile concerns.


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