Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Warm Weather Tips

Warm Weather Tips

As temperatures increase, so do the demands made on your vehicle. So make sure your vehicle is up to summer's challenge.

What You Can Do
  • Check tire tread depth for excessive and uneven wear.
  • In extreme summer temperatures, you may have to change the grade of your engine oil. Check your owner's manual for the viscosity grade recommended for your vehicle's engine.
  • Check the cooling system—both hoses and radiator—for leaks. Check the coolant recovery reservoir under the hood when the engine is cold. Add the coolant recommended in your owner's manual, if required.

What Gines Service Can Do to Help
  • Check the air conditioning system.
  • After a winter of coughing and sneezing, combined with allergens, bacteria, mold and other microscopic interlopers, you might need to replace your cabin air filter and thoroughly clean or vacuum interior surfaces.

Winter can take a bigger toll on your vehicle than you think. See Gines Service for a pre-summer springtime check-up.
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