Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Importance of Good Quality Oil Filters

Many times we hear "The shop down the street only charges ____ for oil changes; why do you charge what you charge?" We have a display in our office that shows you the quality of a good oil filter like the ones we use, versus the "cheap" ones like the other guys use.

We recently received an email from GM and ACDelco about the importance of shops using good quality oil filters, not just the cheap ones to save the customers a quick buck. This is something we have known for years, thus being the reason why we only use good quality filters. Below is the letter we received, proving yet again that the lowest cost isn't always the best! It may be doing you more harm than good!

If your browser doesn't support the viewing frames below:
Click Here to read the letter from GM and ACDelco.
Click Here to view pictures of failed oil filters.


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